What Role Do You Perform in the PMO?

At the last PMO Flashmob in June we produced a list of all the PMO service areas we could think of.

The idea was to visually demonstrate just how many service areas are currently associated with PMOs today. It sounded like a good basis for conversations with the group.

PMO-Services-Research-smallThe service areas were taken from P3O, some of the work we previously carried out in relation to competencies and by looking at current PMO practitioners CVs.

We thought it might be interesting to see if there were hotspots – are there areas of commonality? This was interesting because we often hear that every PMO is different yet there are obviously core service areas that can be found in almost every PMO.

> Take the PMO Services Research here *Takes 5 minutes*

I’ve often thought that the more we hear that every PMO is different, the more PMO practitioners get short-changed because different inevitably means difficult. It means things like specific PMO training courses or a PMO competency framework which a wide range of PMO practitioners could benefit from never seem to get created. Different means we give up. But are we that different?

We had a small group in June yet with the service areas pinned up on the walls of the pub we could see quite quickly that there were areas of commonality.

So we thought why not get more PMO practitioners to fill it in and see what the results look like.

What role do you perform in the PMO?

So here it is. The first piece of research we’ve done – the PMO Services Research.

What we’ve done is put together what was on the walls at the PMO Flashmob. All you have to do is pick the areas and tasks you currently carry out in your PMO role today.

When you’ve done it, you’ll also get the Excel document we used.

Why is that a good thing?

Two things. One you’re getting involved in your profession and that can only be a good thing.

Two, the spreadsheet. It’s a real eye opener when you see all the services listed out with a handful of the associated tasks for each.

It’ll probably make you think about a few things.

Will it make you feel good about working in such a wide-ranging and interesting job? Will it highlight to you that the world of PMO is actually a lot bigger than you thought? Will it highlight some gaps in your own experience? Will it show you just how much more you could be doing? Will it help you think about what development you need?

Who knows what you’ll do with it but I’ll bet you keep it.

This is what you need to do

Put about 10 minutes aside.

Take the PMO Services Research here.

You’ll get directed to the spreadsheet at the end.

Do a little jig and feel good about the fact you’re helping the PMO community gain some new insights.






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