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PMO Research – Engagement Styles (Download PDF)

Types of People Working in the PMO and the Communication and Engagement Styles Used \\ PMO Research

On the 8th June 2016 in London, the second PMO Conference was held – a hugely successful and sold out event attended by over 350 PMO professionals. An incredible achievement for a community of volunteers but not any volunteers, PMO professionals! The demand demonstrated the latent demand for a professionally designed and delivered event to share knowledge from across the community and deal with topics that impact the success of the PMO function.

The conference session Team Animation’s Donnie MacNicol delivered was “People Power – Increasing the Effectiveness of Your PMO through People” which focused on how the differences in people is reflected in how you sell, design and deliver the services of your PMO.

The session can be viewed below:


\\ Presentation Download (PDF)


What Was The Outcome?

PMO ResearchWe created a short whitepaper that shows the outcomes of the initial PMO Research undertaken at the PMO Conference this year.

\\ Download the PMO Research Paper

We are now interested in finding out more about the types of people working in the PMO and the communication and engagement styles used.

We’d like to see if different roles in the PMO have different styles – and if so, how do they differ. We’re also interested to see if this has any bearing on the type of PMO people work within, different types of organisations and lots of other areas such as PMO skillsets, maturity and accreditation.

It’s a big survey and we need your help.

PMO Research \\ Taking Part

To take part in the further research into PMO practitioners and their communication and engagement styles, please complete the two part survey

1. iMA Colour

To take the initial assessment to understand which colour you are, please visit

In the organisation box choose “PMO”

It takes three minutes to complete.

2. Colouring the PMO

Make a note of your dominant colour, proceed to the second part of the research at

It takes between 5 and 15 minutes to complete.

We will be compiling the report later this year, so please consider sharing this page with your own PMO network for their contribution.


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Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

N/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

N/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: PMO Conference 2017

N/A: PMO Conference 2017
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