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PMO Mini-Masterclass \\ Marketing the PMO – January 2017 || London

The first PMO Flashmob of the new year takes place on Thursday 26th January in Angel Islington and we’re kicking off the year tackling a subject that every single PMO can struggle with – stakeholder engagement and managing relationships. We were inspired to take a look at this subject because we keep hearing lots of conversations like: “The PMO is ...

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London \\ PMO Karaoke | 8th December

It’s that time of year when we thought us PMO people need to kick back and let our hair down. So we thought what two words are you less likely to see together EVER? That’s right PMO Karaoke! The idea came from this summer’s PMO Conference where there was a song introducing each session that had a nice link to ...

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London \\ Mini-Masterclass – Tools and Techniques of Change Management || 24th November

  Fully Booked! We head to the BBC this month for an evening about the role of the PMO in Change Management. Following on from the introductory PMO and change management session we ran back in March 2015, we highlighted one particular role for the PMO in change management: Can the PMO assist on projects with the change management bits? ...

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San Francisco | Social Meetup \\ 11th November

PMO Flashmob heads to San Francisco – our first jaunt out of the UK to see what’s happening in the PMO world in California. We’re heading out to the States for the PMO Symposium and thought we’d take a little road trip – we land in San Francisco on Friday 11th November with the PMO Flashmob Social Meetup taking place ...

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London | PMO Mini-Masterclass | Facilitating Learning Not Lessons – 29th September

The next Mini-Masterclass in Central London takes place on Thursday 29th September from 6pm. We are pleased to host it at a great space in London, 7 Heddon Street, London W1B 4BD – or better known as 8works Acceleration Center. It’s a great space that should get your creative juices flowing, and you’ll need it for this evening’s session as ...

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London \\ PMO Chats in Covent Garden | 27th October

It feels like ages since we held a social PMO Flashmob so we thought it was time to bring together all the things that have been discussed at PMO Flashmobs over the last six months or so and bring it to the pub. Well not strictly a pub but Henry’s Cafe Bar in Covent Garden. You can find Henry’s at: ...

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Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

N/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

N/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: PMO Conference 2017

N/A: PMO Conference 2017
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