PMO Mob Yield

PMO Mob Yield is the area where we share some of the outcomes to the PMO Flashmob meetups.

It’s intended for both PMO Flashmob attendees and people interested in PMOs who have yet to join us.

We hope to see you at some of our future events.


Managing Your PMO Career

At the last PMO Flashmob in July we spent the evening talking about our careers. One of the questions asked – and one that I frequently get asked – is how to manage a career in PMO. This is primarily for people who have been working in some kind of project support role who are keen to develop their capability ...

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PMO Career Chats

If someone said to you. Come and have a beer and have a chat about your career with me. Would you know where to start? Got any burning questions about it? Or are you perfectly happy with everything? Sometimes it’s not about having something specific to say, it’s more about having the time to think about a certain question or ...

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What Makes a PMO an Enabler of Change?

The PMO Manifesto includes the line – Enabling Change over Restraining Delivery At the PMO Flashmob back in June, the World Cafe event gave us the opportunity to understand more about what this actually means. The idea behind this part of the manifesto is as a PMO function we prefer to be seen as an entity that enables our project ...

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My first ever PMO Flashmob ended up in a pub

My first ever PMO Flashmob ended up in a pub – which is no bad thing from a networking point of view! The format of the evening revolved around the typical word café menu. The menu included 5 topics of conversation to challenge PMOs and the PMO Manifesto. A musical chairs style atmosphere enabled all delegates to attend three discussions ...

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The Counter Arguments – PMOs are in Decline

Take a look at the opening arguments that support the motion, and those that don’t. Following the audience debate and the chance to ask questions, Eileen Roden took to the stage to continue her opposition to the statement, PMOs are in Decline. I want to address PMO careers. I started off as a programmer (I was rubbish at that), then ...

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If you’ve not read the opening argument for the motion, take a look at it here Eileen Roden, Senior Manager at QA and author of the recent P3O Refresh took up the mantle to argue against the motion: THIS HOUSE BELIEVES PMOs ARE IN DECLINE Here’s how Eileen argued against the motion: “First of all we need to congratulate Lindsay ...

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