PMO Mob Yield

PMO Mob Yield is the area where we share some of the outcomes to the PMO Flashmob meetups.

It’s intended for both PMO Flashmob attendees and people interested in PMOs who have yet to join us.

We hope to see you at some of our future events.


Dream PMO Jobs

“It takes a lot of courage to show your dreams to someone else”, a quote from someone called Erma Bombeck, a writer from the States. That’s exactly what the PMO Dreamboat was all about last month. The idea was we would get about 30 PMO professionals together on a boat on the Thames one evening in July. This boat also ...

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Should the PMO have authority to stop projects?

Last Thursday was the second PMO Flashmob in Birmingham.  We met on a wetter than expected night in Le Truc in the Arcadian and took over a corner of the bar to discuss PMO roles and job titles.  I’d gone prepared with several sets of laminated cards to play ‘agree the hierarchy’ and ‘what role does what activity?’ to get ...

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What Role Do You Perform in the PMO?

At the last PMO Flashmob in June we produced a list of all the PMO service areas we could think of. The idea was to visually demonstrate just how many service areas are currently associated with PMOs today. It sounded like a good basis for conversations with the group. The service areas were taken from P3O, some of the work ...

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My First PMO Flashmob

As someone who has only been working on projects for a year, I’m full of questions, eager to make this my career, and am curious to meet other PMO professionals. Saying that, I almost didn’t go to my first PMO Flashmob event, which my calendar reminded me was happening later the same day. I was a little nervous, and imagined ...

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PMO Flashmob Bans “Added Value”

Last week it was the APMG Showcase, an annual event that showcases the APMG products. It’s a mix of expo, masterclasses, keynotes and something called “birds of a feather” sessions. These are just a roundtable discussion for about 45 minutes on a given topic. The PMO Flashmob hosted two sessions. We started out just getting an understanding of who people ...

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PMO Flashmob Talks PMO Careers

Last night’s PMO Flashmob was the Second Birthday Party, that’s a whole two years of PMO Flashmobbing, 24 get-togethers, marauding over so many different pubs and venues all over Central London. It was good to see so many familiar faces as well as new people. It was good to hear from the ‘old-timers’ about some of their previous PMO Flashmobs, ...

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