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Beyond Timesheets - Inside PMO Report Spring 2017This morning we’re launching the latest Inside PMO report at Project Challenge. The report, ‘Beyond Timesheets: The Challenges and Realities of Resource Management‘ will be available to pick up at the show which takes place 22nd to the 23rd March at London’s Olympia.

Download NowThe report is also available to download on the Inside PMO section of the website.

What the report is about?

The Inside PMO reports are intended to be a series of reports which PMO Flashmob release which focus on topic areas which are deemed to be current challenges in the world of PMO – but more importantly they are reports which are experience based.

Each report is created following a PMO Managers’ Lunch, an event which brings together 12-14 current PMO Managers to talk about a certain topic over the course of a three-hour lunch.

This report has been created following a Lunch in July last year at the Gherkin in Central London.

Why resource management?

Resource management has consistently topped the charts when it comes to challenge areas for the PMO. It was after the release of the State of the PMO Report from TwentyEighty Strategy Execution* in 2015, where once again, resource management was the biggest challenge area that we thought we needed to look at this more closely.

The main questions we had were – why does resource management present such as challenge?

The PMO Manager’s Lunch was held to explore three distinct areas that currently present a challenge:

1.Capacity Planning – cross organisation and cross divisional/department in terms of ‘do we have enough people to do the work’

2.Allocation – down to a project level where we start to have named resources and all the fun and games of potential timesheeting issues that we do or don’t have.

3. Skills and capabilities of the delivery teams and what the PMO can do in this area for example with competency models.


Beyond Timesheets: The Challenges and Realities of Resource Management

The Circle of Resource ManagementDuring the PMO Managers’ Lunch a central theme emerged, something which we have called The Circle of Resource Management.

The model is explained in the report – along with a focus on the drivers for resource management, maturity, timesheets, skills and capability.

Twelve PMO Managers have come together to share their experiences in relation to resource management; we hope you find their insights as valuable as we did.


Download NowThe report is available to download on the Inside PMO section of the website.

PMO Managers Lunch

Many thanks to all the PMO Managers who took part in this session, we really appreciated the passion, enthusiasm and honesty. The next one will take place this summer. More details to be announced on the theme soon.

* You can download that report here

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