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PMO Flashmob Bans “Added Value”

Last week it was the APMG Showcase, an annual event that showcases the APMG products. It’s a mix of expo, masterclasses, keynotes and something called “birds of a feather” sessions. These are just a roundtable discussion for about 45 minutes on a given topic. The PMO Flashmob hosted two sessions. We started out just getting an understanding of who people ...

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PMO Flashmob Talks PMO Careers

Last night’s PMO Flashmob was the Second Birthday Party, that’s a whole two years of PMO Flashmobbing, 24 get-togethers, marauding over so many different pubs and venues all over Central London. It was good to see so many familiar faces as well as new people. It was good to hear from the ‘old-timers’ about some of their previous PMO Flashmobs, ...

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PMOs – The Walking Talking Lessons Learnt

Just like the first PMO Flashmob two years ago, the first PMO Flashmob in Birmingham was a cosy affair. We had the opportunity to speak together as one group which is certainly something we can’t do anymore in London because the network has become so much bigger. We’re sowing the seeds in Birmingham and its only a matter of time ...

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The Four Corners of PMO Networking

Last night’s PMO Flashmob was a great success. A mix of returning flashmobbers and some new faces. We decided for this month to return to our roots, just get in a pub and do some networking over drinks and nibbles. I think its good to try and help people network, especially while you’re waiting for the first drink to kick ...

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Starting the Conversation: PMO and Change Management

Does your PMO have any involvement with change management? At the March PMO Flashmob, held at Shell Centre on the Southbank, we wanted to find out more about Change Management and if there is a role for the PMO within that. We had Ranjit Sidhu with us and Change Management is totally her bag (have a look at ChangeQuest to ...

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Handy Guides for Learning

At last month’s PMO Flashmob held at QA there were a couple of handouts that caught my attention and I thought they would be worth sharing. They were both QA materials and before you say I’ve gone all salesy on you, read on and find out why I thought they were worth sharing. The PMO Role in Training Many PMOs ...

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Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

N/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

N/A: Two Day PMO Masterclass Making Your PMO Succeed

Category: Other PMO EventsN/A: PMO Conference 2017

N/A: PMO Conference 2017
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