About PMO Flashmob

spacePMO Flashmob is a social meetup with the serious subject of PMOs at its heart. We meet up in a Central London location for a Learn and Live night. We learn about PMOs for a few hours and then head to the pub for drink and a nibble and talk about what’s happening in our world of PMO.

Each month is different – we focus on the things that matter the most to the people attending. The only thing that is the same is a mob of PMO professionals that want to talk to others that are on their wavelength.

Think of it as your own little personal coaching circle – the mob are just like you, they want to chat and share experiences that can perhaps help them be better in their work in the future.

There’s no attendance criteria but be prepare to share your own words of wisdom that can help the collective mob of PMO Flashmobbers.

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It all started one May evening back in 2013 …

As the sun was setting on the River Thames, two people sat chatting about their respective PMO worlds.

Lindsay Scott and Ralf Finchett Jnr (previously committee members of the Association for Project Management’s PMO Specific Interest Group) created the idea and set up the first gatherings of the PMO Flashmob.

That evening they recognized that there was much value in just chatting about their day – with someone else who understood the many nuances of a PMO career.

The PMO Flashmob was set up to reflect that – a networking group with the serious subject of PMOs at its heart. The monthly meetups take place in the heart of London. Each month is different. Different venues, different topics and different people.


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If your organisation is interested in supporting and sponsoring a PMO Flashmob event like Ticketmaster, Carnival UK, Actionaid and AECOM contact us. We do all the work, you just provide the venue. Find out more about that here.



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